French Bulldog Trainers

Best Foods for Your French Bulldog

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  French Bulldogs with their bow-legged gaits and bat-like ears are cute like charmers. They are the best for you for coat care and maintenance because they are a low-maintenance breed. But obviously, their cute little faces require a healthy, balanced, and high-quality diet to maintain their adorableness and body weight. Which leads to the…

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How to Train your French Bulldog Puppy

how to train your French Bulldog

Though French Bulldogs are cute and adorable, they can be stubborn if they are not well and properly trained. French Bulldogs require special training to keep them healthy and ensure that they do not develop unwanted behaviors. Immunization, bath time, and nail trimming are not the only guidelines involved in training your puppy. Puppy proofing:…

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Do French Bulldogs Get Along with Other Dogs?

  Generally, French Bulldogs are calm, confident, and playful dogs. It’s what makes them great companions and household dogs. Their calm demeanor and overall fun approach to tasks aids their relationship with people. Whether French Bulldogs get along well or display aggressive behavior with other dogs is what we intend to clarify in this post.…

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Five (5) Fun Facts About French Bulldogs

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    The French Bulldog, also called “bouledogue” or “bouledogue francais,” is a breed of domestic dogs that often need companion dogs. They are a result of crossbreeding between Toy Bulldogs imported from England and local Ratters in Paris in the 1800s. They are friendly, miniature dogs with mild-mannered temperament. The darlings of modern-day pop…

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The French Bulldog: Finding The Right Breeder

Finding the Right French Bulldog Breeder Finding the right French Bulldog or Frenchie Breeder can be quite tasking, especially because this breed requires lots of care and attention and their many underlying health risks. When searching for a French Bulldog Breeder, the Frenchie enthusiast must try to find one that strikes all or most of…

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