French Bulldog Puppy Guide for The Runt of The Litter



There are several myths about the Runt of the litter, some wholly false, some true, others in-between. But what exactly is the Runt of the litter? Why is a runt referred to as a runt? Is it the size, or birth position, or strength?

Facts About The Runt

Most of the information spread about runts is misleading.

  • Runts are puppies with significantly poor implantation sites.
  • Runts are premature puppies who weigh less than the required healthy or safe weight capacity for puppies.
  • There could be more than one Runt in a litter, as there is no defining factor.

On Purchasing French Bulldog Puppy Runts

On average, Frenchies give birth to at least three puppies in a litter; it’s quite likely that one, two, or three of them could be weight defective. French Bulldog Puppies weigh 8-9 ounces at birth. If a Frenchie pup way far below this standard, it is recognized as a runt.

Adopting or Buying a Frenchie runt might be a bit difficult owing to their several potential health complications. Being smaller means they have to fight for everything, food especially. They are also at the risk of suffering from hypothermia and dehydration due to neglect by their mother.

    • The most deadly period of a French Bulldog Runt’s life is the first six weeks of its life. French Bulldogs are usually not mature enough for sale or adoption till they are eight weeks old. As a buyer, before purchasing a Frenchie Puppy Runt at eight weeks old, request a medical checkup and report. A medical report is necessary to determine the stability of the Runt’s health.
    • Frenchie Runt’s, which survive the first six weeks of their life without an alarm are the safest options for adoption and purchase. This goes a long way to determine how stable your Frenchie would grow to be. Although the chances are your Frenchie runt wouldn’t grow as big as the normal French, they wouldn’t remain tiny.
    • Watch the Runt’s interaction with the rest of the litter to see how well it gets along. A reclusive Runt is a sign of ill health.
    • Only get Frenchie runts from established and credible breeders. Use people’s testimonies as a reference, ask your vet for suggestions.
    • Check for any visible or physical anomaly in the French Bulldog Runt before taking it off the breeding facility.
    • Spend time with the Runt to see how well they interact with people.
    • Get health insurance on your Frenchie runt. Chances are they’d face more severe health issues compared to the normal Frenchie. To cut your spending, prepare ahead.

How To CareFor Your French Bulldog Puppy Runt

Runts are fragile, so they need more attention compared to the other puppies.

  • Seek medical advice from your vet when the Runt is born to prepare yourself for the hurdles ahead.
  • Endeavor that the mother doesn’t neglect the runt puppy, and they get as much breast milk as possible.
  • If the latter doesn’t work, employ a feeding bottle.
  • Conduct regular and thorough checkups on them.
  • Keep them warm.

French Bulldog Puppy Runts are fragile but not less of a companion. To find out more about French Bulldog puppies contact your local French Bulldog Breeder Today.