Is it all right if my Frenchie sleeps in my bed?

Questions like this are open-ended and not direct because when it comes to making decisions like this, we consider our dogs to be family members. Hence, there is no such thing as right or wrong in most dealings with them, especially for such a decision. These are just your preferences and what works for your family. Cuddling up with your pooch feels good, particularly since they are more than happy to comply when it comes to cuddles. However, there are some drawbacks to sleeping with your Frenchie that you should be aware of. In this post, we’ll illustrate and explore the benefits and drawbacks of sleeping with your canine companion, as well as some tips for a restful night together.

The first thing you should know is why your French bulldog would want to share a bed with you, and below are some Frenchie facts to tell you why.

Frenchie’s are extremely social and crave human companionship, hence wanting to be bed buddies with you. Another reason is that they see you as their pack leader who fosters a sense of safety when they are around you. With your French bulldog, the feeling is also mutual they’ll come up when they want to protect you while you sleep.

Your Frenchie could also choose your bed over theirs or any other place because they easily get cold at night, and know that your bed is a warm and cozy spot. So, yeah. Expect a bed buddy unless you’ve trained them to do otherwise.

Another Frenchie fact or reason why you’ll always see your Frenchie on your bed if given the chance is because your Frenchie loves you.

Are there benefits to this?

Sure. Just like having a cuddle mate, sharing your bed with your Frenchie can help reduce stress-related issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, high blood pressure, and others.

You should, however, not share your bed if you have severe allergies (You probably shouldn’t get a pooch in the first place) if you aren’t done with your dog’s potty training, if your dog is ill or has week bones, and if you’re a light sleeper.

Now that you’ve known why your French bulldog wants to share a bed with you, the following points will enable you to make the best decision without having mixed feelings.

Sleeping Issues

This topic is about how your sleeping habits and your French bulldog sleeping habits contrast or support each other. If you’re dealing with insomnia or similar issues, then you might want to reconsider your decision, and here’s why. The Frenchies are naturally light sleepers because they have to be alert always. Therefore you can expect them to wake up many times and expect them to disturb you as many times too. The possible fix available is that instead of having your Frenchie sleep in the same bed as you, you might make do with them sharing a room. A possible solution to the sleep disturbance might be training your dog to sleep at the foot of your bed or having a dog bed near your own.

Health Issues

On your side, it mostly has to do with allergies and whatever your pooch can transmit to you, and they include ringworms, ticks and lice, and so on. Also, while the pooches are out there doing their dog stuff, they can reach many places, using their fur to gather dust and pollen, which can cause health issues for you.

It could also be that your Frenchie is the one facing health risks. For example, if the dog has arthritis, climbing becomes an issue, coupled with the fact that your soft and cozy bed is not favorable for the aging French bulldog.

The solutions include cleaning your dog, removing allergens, and also checking for ticks and lice regularly. For the aged ones and those with arthritis, getting a ramp for the Frenchie can do the trick.

Having gone through these points, if you still believe that it’s okay to have a Frenchie for a roommate, and even bedmate, click on this link to get your French bulldog in Michigan.