How to Train your French Bulldog Puppy

how to train your French Bulldog

Though French Bulldogs are cute and adorable, they can be stubborn if they are not well and properly trained.

French Bulldogs require special training to keep them healthy and ensure that they do not develop unwanted behaviors. Immunization, bath time, and nail trimming are not the only guidelines involved in training your puppy.

Puppy proofing:

Before you take your puppy inside your apartment, ensure that you protect them by removing all dangerous household appliances.

They can be playful and chewy at times; this is why you must ensure that they are not left unsupervised and keep them from devices that can cause harm to them.


By the time your puppy leaves its breeder, it should have had at least two puppy vaccines. Make sure you are informed of the next time it would need a vaccine if need be.

Personal Hygiene, grooming, and bath time:

From the first day it arrives, your puppy needs to be treated with extra care. Make it a daily routine to brush your puppy to help remove diets that are around its body. They do not need daily baths; once or twice a month is okay, really. Also, you take care of your puppy’s nail trimming weekly, make sure they are short and stubby.

Training and playtime:

While training your puppy, you should teach them to understand the basics. You can start by teaching your puppy to sit, chase balls, socialize with people and other pets, and walk on a leash.

Introduce your puppy to various activities and your schedules; French Bulldog Puppies, due to their intelligence, are creatures of habit and will adapt in no time.

Crate training:

Set up a secured space for your pup with a crate housing, comfy blanket, toys, and food. Train your pup to enter into the crate, spend time in it, start with five minutes and increase the time daily. Crate training provides your pup with a safe space where they can go to rest and feel relaxed.

Potty Training:

Start potty training early. From the start, you should frequently bring your puppy to an appropriate spot for urinating and defecating. Use potty commands on them while also praising and rewarding them with treats and cookies. French Bulldogs are smart and will quickly adapt.

Understand your puppy

This is most important of all; you should understand your puppy, else all your training will be for naught. While they can be active, Frenchies can tire easily during training. At moments like these, stop, take breaks, reward them with treats and shower them lots of kisses and love.