More Fun Fact About French Bulldog Puppies

french bulldog puppies

French Bulldogs are especially suited to be a buddy. He’s intelligent and playful, and he considers your lap to be the nicest place on the planet. However, there is even more to the Frenchie.

He’s the perfect dog to keep you company.

He is an ideal companion for individuals, families with children, couples, and everyone else. Adorable, devoted, and playful, he needs only a bit of care and exercise.


Frenchies are rather simple to train.

Despite the stereotype of being obstinate, they enjoy pleasing others and being the focus of attention.


French Bulldogs are known for being unexpectedly good watchdogs.

He’ll bark to alert you if someone comes to the door, even though he’s not the least bit yappy. He’s a good watch dog, but that’s it; don’t think of him as a guard dog.


French bulldogs are flexible.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an apartment, a country property, or anything else. He’s not a really sporty person, and he is quite content with taking a daily stroll and a bit of fun in the outdoors.

The Frenchie however, is not all cuteness, as they can have some complications attached to their uniqueness.


They have a short snout and snore.

Buying a French bulldog comes with a number of health concerns. A smaller nose and shorter face can cause trouble breathing and reduced air intake. They are intolerant of heat, humidity, and heavy physical activity.

In warmer weather, keep your French Bulldog comfortable and in an air-conditioned area. Watch out if your dog is snoring or spitting up foam. Ask your vet if your dog has this, as it could be a nasal or soft palate issue. If you’re interested in a french bulldog puppy, check out your local french dog breeder in Michigan.