Raising French Bulldog Puppies

French Bulldogs are one of the most delicate dog breeds. Generally, raising puppies is usually more difficult than raising adult dogs; French Bulldog Puppies require more attention and care than most dogs because of their delicate nature. French Bulldogs have a reputation for being stubborn, and you’d naturally expect that this makes these beautiful creatures hard to care for, but all they require is a reasonable amount of attention to details.

Here are some of the steps necessary for raising a happy and healthy French Bulldog.


Although grooming French Bulldogs isn’t much as it mostly involves brushing their short, silky, hairy coats, they shine and occasional general body baths. French Bulldogs have wrinkled faces, so it’s often necessary to clean between the wrinkles and keep them dry to keep out lice and other disease-carrying organisms. Because of the nature of their body and feeding pattern, French Bulldogs are at the risk of obesity, which weakens their antibodies and aids the growth of pathogens, causing health issues. This can be controlled by taking them out on daily walks and engaging them in less strenuous exercises because of their body type, which doesn’t allow for effective stretching.

As a pet owner, you should strive to understand your dog’s routine, as French Bulldog Puppies, have different needs from the grown ones on how to raise your French Bulldog. Frenchie Pups often require more attention and caregiving, as they easily go into reclusion when left alone. Always keep them clean and dry.


French Bulldogs are companion dogs, and they fit in easily with other dogs allowing your Frenchie to hang out with other dogs, either at the park, home, or the vet’s, helps them settle in comfortably, and works for their anxiety issues. French Bulldogs are very cheerful and often need playmates. Providing them with the avenue to meet and play with other dogs helps stabilize their temperament and keep them happy.

Training (Potty, Behavioral, etc.)

Dogs aren’t born with certain traits, some of which are important for domestic dogs living in households; most of these traits are to be learned. You have to find time to teach them. Occasionally take your Frenchie outside the living quarters to see if they need to use the toilet, as dogs only avoid defecating in their sleeping area; anything else is acceptable to them. Taking them outside helps them understand that your living quarters aren’t meant for their faeces, it doesn’t come easy, but they eventually learn.


Ensure that your Frenchie’s diet is in line with the vets’ approved list, and feeding portions are regulated to combat hunger and obesity at the same time.

Medical Evaluation

Ensure to take your Frenchie to the vet, occasionally, for a medical check-up to enable you to combat illnesses and infections, as health issues cause pain, which troubles the French Bulldogs. Also, sourcing for a veterinarian makes sure to ask around with other dog owners to confirm the vet’s procedures’ authenticity and effectiveness, as ill-trained vets would only end up harming the Frenchie.

Dog Toys

French Bulldogs are very active animals. In the absence of a playmate, get your Frenchie dog toys to keep them occupied and happy.


Since French Bulldogs are human-oriented and social animals, they’d require more than healthcare and feeding to stay happy. Spending time with your dog helps to keep them happy.

Take your Frenchie on walks, occasionally

Raising a French Bulldog requires lots of diligence and attention, as growth and improvement do not happen instantly.


You probably would be wondering the best place to get French bulldog puppies close to you, don’t fret, contact us and we would be glad to help.