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We are a small, private French bulldog breeder service based out of Novi, Mi. Our passion for Frenchies began many years ago. We absolutely LOVE this breed! With the help of many mentors who have been a wealth of knowledge to us over the years, we have built our mission around HEALTHY dogs. The French Bulldog breed, when bred irresponsibly, can be tied to many health problems. All of our dogs are extensively Health and DNA tested & AKC registered. Our passion lies in the rare colors. All of our puppies are hand-raised in our home. Puppies are born via Artificial Insemination, C-section, thrive in incubators during the beginning stages of their lives, and exposed not only to other dogs but children so they are very well socialized. We take every precaution to promote the health of the breed and are committed to our dogs..


Were dedicated breeders committed to breeding healthy French Bulldogs - primarily the more rare colors and DNA such as Lilac, Blue, Blue Merle and Lilac Merle. French Bulldogs are our passion and it is our mission to contribute positively the breed. We love giving our customers the opportunity for Frenchies to change their life...because they certainly will!

Check Out Our Available French Bulldog Puppies