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About Us


My name is Rod.

I am a small, private breeder based out of Novi, MI. My passion for Frenchies began many years ago during my years as a personal fitness trainer. I specialized in working with children and adults with special needs. One of my clients with Autism brought his therapy dog, a Frenchie named Winston, to our training sessions. I’ve always remembered how cool Winston was and how he and my client had an unbelievable bond. That was the moment that I fell in love with this breed and knew that I had to have one! With the help of many mentors who have been a wealth of knowledge to me over the years, I have made it mission to produce healthy and beautiful dogs so I could share this bond with others. Unfortunately, I discovered that the French Bulldog breed, when bred irresponsibly, can be tied too many health problems and expensive medical bills. I am committed to stop this travesty. All of my dogs not only health and DNA tested, but fully AKC registered. My passion lies in the rare colors. All of our puppies are hand-raised in my home under individualized and born via C-section. During the beginning stages of their lives they thrive in monitored incubators for optimal health and security. Once they thrive on their own, they play and interact with other dogs and children with a focus on optimal socialization. We take every precaution to promote the health of the breed and are committed to the well-being of our dogs. Buy a French bulldog from our family and you'll never regret this decision!