Best French Bulldog Breeder in Michigan

why can't I visit your home

We are very protective of our dogs and their health and safety. We are more than happy to FaceTime with customers often and meet you at our local vet office, Police Station, or our Professional office if you would like, but we do not allow prospective buyers in our home or whelping area for the privacy and safety of our dogs and family.

Why Are Frenchies So Expensive

The old adage "you get what you pay for" is very true with French Bulldogs. We invest in our program to ensure we not only have health tested and DNA tested registered dogs, but we also breed through artificial insemination (safer for our females and is very difficult for compact Frenchies to breed naturally), progesterone testing, ultrasounds, X-rays, C sections and then our puppies are hand-raised in an incubator their first 3-4 weeks of life. The process to breed healthy and rare colored franchise is expensive, so we spare no expense when it comes to equipment, vet care, food/supplements when we breed. Our specialty is rare colors, structure, and superior DNA, which cost more than a standard color Frenchie and is reflected in our pricing.

what does my puppy come with

Your puppy will come with his or her own AKC registration papers for you to fill out and mail in. We sell our puppies with limited registration, however full registration is available to approved show or breeding homes. Your puppy will also have a vet exam done and have its first set of vaccines and de-worming prior to going home with you. You will also have in your puppy take home bag a sample of puppy food that you puppy is used to eating, its favorite toy, and his or her own puppy blanket.