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How many hours can a French bulldog be left alone?

French Bulldogs, though charming, can prove stubborn and problematic whenever they are left alone for hours. These adorable breeds tend to display separation anxiety when they are left alone.

This is why French bulldogs need to be around people and other dogs most of the time, unlike most dogs that can be left alone for hours on end.

How many hours can a French bulldog be left alone?

If possible, you should never leave your Frenchie alone. But there are factors to consider like your job, traveling and others. These factors sometimes demand at least 8Hours of your pet’s time. However, regardless of your Bulldog’s age, you shouldn’t leave your Frenchie alone for a long period.

For Frenchie puppies, 2hours is their limit before anxiety kicks in since they have not adapted to the new environment yet. Moreover, adult and senior puppies can be left alone for about 4-6 hours.

What should you consider before leaving them alone?

  • Location

The location you want to leave your Frenchie depends on its training. Some Frenchies can behave unsupervised; you can leave it to roam freely.

Otherwise, it is advisable to train and introduce it to a comfortable crate or pen.

  • Bladder Control

It is advisable that you adequately train your Frenchie to use its potty so you won’t return to meet your home in a mess.

  • Health

While young Frenchies will not pose a problem, the seniors can have health issues like feeding, urinating, etc

Train Them to Adapt

In summary, you must not leave your Frenchie alone at home for a long period. Whenever you are free, you should spend adequate time with them while also teaching them to adapt without you being at home all the time. Be sure to ask a french bulldog breeder near you about how to properly care for your French bulldog.