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What is the lifespan of a French bulldog?

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French Bulldogs are marked by their square body shape, thick skin, very short muzzle, and curled tail. They also enjoy being socialized with people from a young age as they have entertaining personalities that are fun to be around.

However, owning a French bulldog is a big commitment, and you should learn everything there is to know before you dive in. Therefore, if you are a dog owner and want to know how long your French bulldog puppy will live, you have come to the right place.

What is the lifespan of a French bulldog?

Smaller dog breeds are known to live shorter lives than larger ones. Frenchies generally live longer than large-breed dogs since they are small- to medium-sized breeds.

Therefore, French Bulldogs often live 10 to 13 years on average. In comparison to other small breeds, this is regarded to be modest. The longest life span, however, is around 18 years.

However, there is a vast difference in longevity because of poor breeding, genetics, and owner care. But if given the proper care, many Frenchies live long lives.

How to make your French bulldog live longer?

  • Proper Dieting:

The food your dog consumes has a significant impact on its general health. Dogs who are fed a balanced diet tend to be considerably happier and more energetic. By providing their Frenchies with good, nutritionally-balanced dog food, French bulldog owners can help their pets live longer.

  • Exercise:

For your Frenchie to have a longer life, daily exercise is crucial. However, because of their brachycephalic features, they are more likely to experience breathing issues. Thus, they won’t require as much exercise as the larger breeds. So, while exercise is necessary, it’s imperative to avoid overdoing it.

  • Select the right breeder:

There are numerous breeders to choose from, as Frenchies are such a well-liked breed. However, the puppy’s health depends on how well the breeder takes care of it from birth.

Do your best to locate a reputable breeder with outstanding reviews and references. Do your research and avoid sketchy, dubious breeders like puppy mills.


  • Follow Safety Procedures:


You should become familiar with emergency procedures because you are your Frenchie’s superhero. If you properly monitor their every movement, they cannot get into accidents.

In addition, you should always keep an eye on your dog while it is near water because it cannot swim. Therefore, it is highly unsafe for them to be close to pools or large water.

  • Make regular visits to the vet:

They are prone to certain diseases because they are a brachycephalic breed. As a result, they should be taken to see the vet regularly. Your veterinarian can advise you on vitamins, vaccines, and supplements to keep them healthy.


The lifespan of any dog depends on the dog’s age, health, and the environment the pet is kept. Knowing how long a dog will live when you bring them home is hard. 

However, as we said earlier, breeders also play an essential role in extending their lifespan. Blue Star Frenchie is one the best local french bulldog breeders in MichiganHome. We are pet-friendly and guarantee our Frenchies a lifetime of happiness in good health.

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