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What are Long Haired French Bulldogs?


Aside from their adorable bat-eared look, one of the French Bulldogs’ features among the top 10 most popular dog breeds is their ‘short hair.’ As we know, having short hair is a common feature for this

What Are Long Haired French Bulldogs?

All long-haired French Bulldogs look exactly like the others; their long, shaggy hair is the only difference. They can find having the same fur color as the others (black, tan, white, etc.). This special Frenchie breed is rare, but they do exist. However, the chances of seeing one are very slim.

Are Long Haired Frenchie Possible?

Yes, they are highly possible. Although, for them to occur, a rare recessive gene called the “Fibroblast growth factor 5″ or FGF5 must be present in both the mother and father. It is not necessary that the parents are long-haired; all that is required is that their DNA contains the gene to produce a long-haired Frenchie puppy.

What Is Their Fur Length?

The fur length of a long-haired French bulldog is not specified. However, it is about 2-3 times longer than the usual French Bulldogs.

Most long-haired Frenchies also have extra patches of shaggy hair, which can be found around their ears.

Are There French bulldog Breeders near Me Who Specialize In Them?

Sure, there are dog breeders who specialize in long-haired French Bulldogs. They carry out tests on their Frenchies to see if they possess the FGF5 gene to improve the chances of breeding one.

Are They Expensive Than Regular Frenchies?

Yes, long-haired Frenchies cost more the regular ones. This is partly because their breeders tend to spend more money on their gene testing.

Do They Possess Any Health Issues?

As we said before, there is no difference between them and the regular breed except the fur length. So they should generally have the same health concerns as the others. If you have any questions about French Bulldog puppies please contact one of our French Bulldog breeders in Michigan today.