Most Common Issues With French Bulldogs

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  The sturdy and playful nature of the French Bulldog often conceals that they have more than a handful of underlying health conditions to deal with, some life-threatening, others minor challenges, but harmful still. While the French Bulldog is a fragile breed, the males are more fragile. They are more likely to be diagnosed with…

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Do French Bulldogs Get Along with Other Dogs?

  Generally, French Bulldogs are calm, confident, and playful dogs. It’s what makes them great companions and household dogs. Their calm demeanor and overall fun approach to tasks aids their relationship with people. Whether French Bulldogs get along well or display aggressive behavior with other dogs is what we intend to clarify in this post.…

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Interesting Facts About French Bulldogs

  French Bulldogs have come a long way from their ratting days. Now they grace the homes of famous and regular people, as companions. These small, compact fellas have been the sweethearts of the entertainment world for a while. They once were considered defective and not a pure breed by the AKC. As a French…

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Five (5) Fun Facts About French Bulldogs

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    The French Bulldog, also called “bouledogue” or “bouledogue francais,” is a breed of domestic dogs that often need companion dogs. They are a result of crossbreeding between Toy Bulldogs imported from England and local Ratters in Paris in the 1800s. They are friendly, miniature dogs with mild-mannered temperament. The darlings of modern-day pop…

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Raising French Bulldog Puppies

French bulldog puppies

French Bulldogs are one of the most delicate dog breeds. Generally, raising puppies is usually more difficult than raising adult dogs; French Bulldog Puppies require more attention and care than most dogs because of their delicate nature. French Bulldogs have a reputation for being stubborn, and you’d naturally expect that this makes these beautiful creatures…

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The French Bulldog: Finding The Right Breeder

Finding the Right French Bulldog Breeder Finding the right French Bulldog or Frenchie Breeder can be quite tasking, especially because this breed requires lots of care and attention and their many underlying health risks. When searching for a French Bulldog Breeder, the Frenchie enthusiast must try to find one that strikes all or most of…

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